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Economic Growth

Growing Our Regional Economy.

We need to focus on bringing more quality, high-paying jobs to Loudoun County. Northern Virginia is quickly becoming the East Coast hub for technological innovation. We are at the center of core population areas. We have great universities and a well-educated population. Let’s take advantage of these resources to fully achieve our potential in space technology, alternative energy, advanced transportation solutions, biomedical research, and federal contracting.

Securing our "Fair Share" of State Funding

For every $1 Loudoun County sends to Richmond, we get less than 30 cents back, with some estimates putting the amount as low as 18 cents on the dollar. We need to reassess the funding formulas and bring more of our money back to Loudoun County so that we can address our real needs in transportation, education, and public safety.

Invest In and Improve Transportation

If you drive anywhere in Loudoun County or Northern Virginia, you are aware that your commute has gotten worse over the last seven years. This situation represents a failure to proactively represent and deliver on the transportation needs of Loudoun County. Northern Virginia is the economic engine for the state. We need to ensure that the engine is not crippled by gridlock.

I oppose increasing the economic burden of tolls here in Loudoun County as well as on commuter roads Eastern Loudoun families utilize to get to and from work. Since 2000, the cost for an end-to-end trip on the Dulles Greenway has gone from $2 to $6.50. That’s a “road tax” increase of more than 320% for the residents of Ashburn, most of whom travel to only one or two exits. We need to either implement “distance-based pricing,” which would prorate routes between exits, or find other methods to ease the burden on Virginia commuters.