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Healthcare & Public Safety

Expanding Access to Healthcare.

For the first ten years of my life, my family and I lived without healthcare, so this issue is deeply personal to me. When my siblings and I moved to the Children’s Home, the healthcare professionals there wanted to remove my 16-year old sister’s teeth and give her dentures because her teeth were in such bad condition. I’m grateful for the healthcare I received at the Children’s Home and from my foster parents and know how important it is to improving quality of life. That is why you can count on me to fight for expanding access to healthcare to all Virginians. I voted to expand Medicaid here in Virginia to ensure that more than 500,000 Virginians will receive access to life-saving medical treatment and preventative healthcare. As your delegate, I will fight to make sure Virginians can afford to see a doctor when they are sick.​

Reducing Gun Violence

Law-abiding citizens have the right to own firearms. However, our state government must do more to prevent gun violence and keep our children and communities safe. I support gun safety measures to include: universal background checks, mental health checks, and restrictions on convicted domestic abusers.

Women's Rights and Women's Health

Only a woman and her doctor should be making decisions about a woman's health and her body. I fully support a woman’s right to make personal decisions about her health and her body without interference from the state, either in limiting her options or trying to shame her.

Protecting Our Senior Citizens

Our senior citizens will have an advocate to fight for them in Richmond and ensure that their concerns about senior fraud, elder abuse, Medicare, and Social Security are not forgotten.